Polyfen Folder Illustration

Brand Guidelines

The Polyfen Group LLC
Est. 2018

1. Download Assets

2. Market Research

2.1. Business Analysis

2.1.1. Overview

We're a full-service creative and development agency. We help businesses reach their customers with data-driven research and strategic storytelling.

2.1.2. Business Model

2.1.3. Services

2.1.4. Positioning

2.2. Industry Analysis

2.3. Target Analysis

3. Brand Strategy

3.1. Voice

The content expressed by our brand must be informative and engaging, proactive in the design community.

3.2. Tone

3.3. Keywords

3.4. Creative Concept

Where business & creativity come together

Similar to the Keywords, but more expressive and distinctive, the Creative Concept is a word or phrase that represents the desired emotional response from the target public when interacting with the Brand.

Unlike a Slogan, a Creative Concept is not necessarily developed for public use, although it can be used publicly. Its primary purpose is to be used internally as a mantra to guide the creative process when sketching a Logo, copywriting a slogan, designing an ad, or when developing any other type of Brand Communication. This ensures that all elements of the Brand will convey a consistent message.

3.5. Moodboard

The Moodboard contains a collection of images the can be associated with the industry and the lifestyle of the target audience. It helps identify different colours and shapes with the aim of narrowing down a certain direction for the look-and-feel of the brand.

3.6. Naming

3.6.1. Etymology

"Polyfen" comes from an abstraction of the term “Polyphenic trait”. A polyphenic trait is a genetic property that allows multiple observable variations on organisms of a single species.

The different morphology and color patterns on the shells of mollusks, for instance, are a polyphenic trait.

3.6.2. Name Architecture

Primary Brand Name:
Preferred name alternative.

Fallback Brand Name:
Polyfen Group
Fallback alternative for brand touchpoints where the primary brand name is not available.

Corporate Name:
The Polyfen Group LLC
Preferred name for use on all official business documentation.

Diminutive Name:
TPG / Poly
Casual diminutive alternative for internal reference within the team.

3.7. Brand Architecture

4. Visual identity

4.1. Logo system

4.1.1. Ideogram

The Ideogram is the visual representation of Polyfen's brand in its most basic and essential form. Polyfen's Ideogram represents the conjunction of two worlds, business and creativity.

4.1.2. Emblem

The Emblem is the preferred visual representation of the Polyfen brand. It must be the first choice when choosing a logo variation, provided that the canvas is rectangular and the logo can be placed at an adequate size.

4.2. Color scheme

4.2.1. Accent color

  • HEX: #7E2EF5
  • RGB: 126, 46, 245
  • CMYK: 49, 81, 0, 0

Polyfen Purple is the primary accent hue and must be used sparingly. It's reserved exclusively for buttons, links, and other important information.

4.2.2. Secondary color

  • HEX: #070924
  • RGB: x, x, x
  • CMYK: x, x, x, x

This color is backgrounds mainly.

4.3. Visual Language

4.3.1. Icons

All icons in Polyfen's touchpoints & communications should correspond to the Iconography set we've selected for our Brand, Phospor.

Phospor's line-icons are meant only for use at large sizes accross Polyfen's Brand, while for smaller sizes the fill-icons are preferred to ensure accessible legibility.

4.3.2. Illustrations

Our Brand's illustrations uses the Retro Dudes set by Vectorly Space as a base. However, for illustrations in polyfen.com we've taken the time to customize the illustrations adjusting some details and apply an additional layer of gradients and noise textures to incorporate them seamlessly with the rest of our visual language.

4.3.3. Photography

4.3.4. Background Elements